Botox is protein that prevents muscles from performing their normal duties. In tiny doses it is used cosmetically for facial rejuvenation and medically for many conditions. In our office, we use Botox for facial lines and for headaches or migraines and neck pain. Side effects from Botox are rare. It is one of the safest medications. An injection in the forehead, for example, does not have an effect anywhere else, as it stays where it's placed and does not travel in the body. Medications taken by mouth, even over-the-counter pain relievers and cold medicines, have more side effects because the are absorbed in the blood and travel everywhere in the body.

Our patients have experienced the beneficial effects of Botox for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Please ask us about Botox during your visit.

Fillers -- Where wrinkles are caused by loosening of face tissue, rather than by the overactivity of muscles, fillers are used to relieve the folds around the mouth and others places on the face. We use Juvederm, the highest quality filler with the most lasting effect. A single treatment of Juvederm will last for a year or more. 


Our patients are always happy to be experience the immediate effect of a mini-facelift without any cuts. We will be happy to give you more information during your visit at your inquiry.