Lasik & PRK

For the last 30 years millions of people all over the world are enjoying  the benefits of laser vision correction. This procedure allows you to become free of glasses and contact lenses. At Dr. Jessica Fleishman's Laser Center for Sight, we offer bladeless and custom state of the art laser vision correction be it Lasik or PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy).


With Lasik a horizontal incision is created across the cornea with a very sophisticated laser. We do not use blades (the older Lasik technology). The flap created allows reshaping of the cornea below the surface. A second laser then reshapes the cornea to adjust the focal point of the eye and give the desired correction. The flap is repositioned to its original position, and the procedure is completed.

With PRK, the reshaping of the cornea is done directly on the surface of the eye, without the creation of a flap



Some patients are better candidates for Lasik, and others are better candidates for PRK. In either case, the procedure takes less than five minutes from beginning to end. Come in for a personalized Lasik consultation. If the doctor determines that you are eligible for laser vision correction, you can discuss all your options and ask any questions you may have.