Refractive Lens Surgery

If you are not a candidate for laser vision correction there is the option of refractive lens surgery, which uses similar surgical techniques to those required for cataract surgery. Lens implants can be categorized into two main types:


Refractive Lens Exchange

With this procedure, the natural lens of the eye is replaced by an intraocular lens implant that is chosen to achieve the desired correction after various precise measurements of the size and shape of the eye are performed.


In some patients, premium intraocular lenses can be used that may be helpful in improving both distance and near vision. Alternatively, patients may opt for distance vision in both eyes or monovision. Implants are intended to last a lifetime, and are made of materials like silicone or acrylic that will not affect your eye.

Phakic Intraocular Lenses allow the natural lens of the eye to remain and an intra-ocular lens is placed inside the eye over the natural lens.


In the simplest terms, it is as if a contact lens is placed inside one’s eye and never has to be changed again. What is best for each patient is based on many factors that require a thorough examination and discussion. Each procedure has its own advantages and both options are done on an outpatient basis, requiring no hospitalization.