The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the inside of the eye. All its fibers converge at the optic nerve to become a high-speed transmitter of visual information directly to the brain.


Millions of people are affected by diabetes and part of their routine care must include a retinal evaluation. Macular degeneration is another very common condition that can result in blindness.


Fortunately, in the last ten years, options have become available to treat and slow down the progression of retinal diseases.

The retina is also subject to tears because of underlying conditions or unfortunate eye injuries.


Doctor Fleishman is trained in the medical management of retinal diseases. She has experience in the care of diabetic retinal diseases, macular degeneration and other retinal conditions threatening to patients’ sight. 


Dr. Fleishman MD performs retinal lasers and administers medications that are now state of the art and the standard of care in retinal disease management.