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Because so many eye problems don’t have obvious symptoms in their early stages, regular eye exams are important. During your eye exam at Center for Sight of New York in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City, the experienced team can diagnose early-stage eye disease, update your contact or glasses prescription, and manage chronic issues like dry eyes. Call the office or request an appointment online for the best eye care now.

Eye Exam Q&A

How often do I need an eye exam?

Regular eye exams are important for everyone, but your specific eye exam frequency depends on your situation. The Center for Sight of New York team considers your eye health, medical history, and eye disease risk level along with other personal factors to recommend the right eye exam schedule. Most children and adults need eye exams every one or two years to maximize vision health and stay up-to-date with prescriptions.

What does my eye exam include?

Your eye exam contains multiple parts. Some exams begin with dilation, in which a few drops in each eye open your pupils. Your exam typically includes:

Eye health check

The Center for Sight of New York team evaluates your inner eyes using a specialized magnifying lens. This is the ideal way to evaluate your optic nerve and retinas. Often, a dilated eye exam reveals the first symptoms of age-related macular degenerationdiabetic retinopathy, and other eye diseases, so it’s very important for early diagnosis. 

You also have other eye health tests, including an inner-eye pressure check to screen for glaucoma. The Center for Sight of New York carefully evaluates all structures of your inner and outer eye, including your eyelids. 

Visual acuity and refractive tests

Your eye exam also includes visual acuity tests to check vision sharpness and refraction tests to determine your prescription if you need any kind of corrective lenses. The Center for Sight of New York team can outline all your vision correction options, from eyeglasses to contact lenses to laser surgery like laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK). 

Chronic disease management

If you suffer from any chronic conditions, for example, diabetes or high blood pressure, the Center for Sight of New York team discusses your risk factors for eye disease and preventive measures you can take. If you have an eye condition or disease like cataracts, glaucoma, or age-related macular degeneration, the skilled team can monitor your condition and make any necessary treatment changes during your eye exam.

Center for Sight of New York offers everything during your comprehensive eye exams that you need to enjoy ocular and visual health.

How long does eye dilation last?

You generally have blurry close-up vision after your dilated eye exam, so if you’re not comfortable driving yourself home, you may need to arrange for a loved one to do so. Within a few hours, your vision returns to normal. 

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